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Looking for the Perfect Place to Donate Your Crochet for Charity?

Find yourself with some spare time? No projects currently in the works…or let’s be honest, there are at least 5 but sometimes you just get bored and want to do something else. Why not pick up a hook and spread some love by doing some crochet for charity?


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Ready to commit to crochet for charity with me?

A lot of people have had a really rough go of it this past year, so if you’re fortunate enough to be able to give back, why not resolve to do so while doing something you love?


I’ve come up with 10 charities to help you do just that! 

I’m going to commit to sending at least one scarf to the Red Scarf Project and one pair of crocheted breast prostheses to Knitted Knockers. And I’m going to keep an eye out for sending something to domestic violence survivors and try to catch one of their drives.

Comment at the bottom of the post and let me know which cause you are committing to sending at least 1 item to this year! And then share this post at the top of the page and challenge a friend to join in!


At the time of this writing, as far as I can tell, all of these charities are still active. But it’s definitely worth checking before you start making something to send!

1 - Knitted Knockers - Breast Cancer Survivors

This fabulous organization donates knitted and crocheted breast prostheses for women who have had to undergo mastectomies. Such an amazing and creative way to crochet for charity. They have patterns available for both knitted and crocheted versions and you can find all the info for donating on their website at the link below!

2 - Red Scarf Project - Orphaned Children

Foster Care to Success developed this crochet for charity program specifically for young adults that are transitioning from foster care and in to college. They only accept scarves for the last 4 months of the year to be distributed in a Valentine’s package given to the recipients. This is a great way to give someone support who may not be getting much from anywhere else 🙂

3 - The Pink Slipper Project - Domestic Violence Survivors

This option to crochet for charity endeavors to provide warmth to women and children who are survivors of domestic violence and living in shelters. They do challenges periodically that they announce on their website linked below 🙂

4 - Warm Up America - Lots of Causes

Warm Up America is another large organization and they work with other organizations to run drives. So they have various projects you can contribute to at any given time. Check out their website below and look for the “Current Needs” image whenever you want to check in to see what you can contribute today! They’re actually based close to me and have a program with the hospital I was born in, random factoid….

5 - Project Linus - Blankets for Children

This is a large organization that, at the time of this article, has been going for 25 years. They accept handmade blankets of all kinds for children in need. You can use their site to find a local drop off in your area 🙂

6 - Knots of Love - Blankets and Hats for Babies

This organization works with hospitals to provide beanies and NICU blankets for their patients. Be sure to read their info before making anything as sometimes they have too many of a given item and won’t accept that item for a period. They also have a list of yarns that they require you choose from to ensure that the items are soft enough for babies that can sometimes be as small as 1 pound (which is just…fucking mind-blowing to me and my heart goes out to those parents!) If you want to help the babies, just click below!

7 - Knit Your Bit - Scarves for Vets

This program is run by the National World War 2 museum and they accept both knitted and crocheted scarves that they distribute to veterans’ centers, hospitals and service organizations across the US.

Click the button to visit their site and get all of the details!

8 - Knit A Square - Vulnerable Children

This option to crochet for charity is such an easy way to contribute to the world. All they ask for is 8″ knit or crocheted squares that they then assemble and distribute to orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa. How easy would it be to make a square here and there for a few weeks and send a stack to them once in a while?!

9 - Comfort for Critters - Shelter Animals

This charity accepts crochet items and other handmade blankets that are given as comfort items to shelter pets and then sent home with them when they are adopted. If you’re all about the fur-babies, then this one is for you friend!

10 - Octopus for a Preemie - Ami for Preemies

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard of this one at this point, but just in case…With this charity you can crochet amigurumi octopuses and jellyfish for preemie babies. They primarily seem to run things through their Facebook group, which can be found through their website below!

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Collage of images that represent free printable art perfect for crass people who also love crochet. There are 10 unique designs and most include expletives.

4 thoughts on “Looking for the Perfect Place to Donate Your Crochet for Charity?”

  1. I am giving back, but I have a women’s shelter in another county that I am currently working on a project for a mother and son!
    I just ordered some things to crochet beds, leashes and toys for a animal rescue here where I live!
    I also bought some cotton ami yarn to make some baby octopi and some stuffed animals for preemies and children at St. Judes also near where I live!… I love giving it is what I do best! I suck at receiving, but I would give my last breath if I thought it would save someone else! rock!

  2. I’ve discovered that Knots of Love also accepts hats for cancer patients undergoing chemo, and I’m now looking through my stash to see how many of their required yarns I have!

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