Plus extras for the classiest of yarn addicts!


Plus extras for the classiest of yarn addicts!

Hey friend!

I’m Stephanie of Classy Lady Yarnworks and this is my family, well at the time that I’m writing this…In a few days we’ll be a family of 4 😀

I’m super glad you found me through the Joy of Motion Crochet Vault!

My goal is to help my fellow yarn addicts express themselves with stitches.

I’m a mom to tiny humans, dogs, ducks and chickens. I’m a “nasty woman”, a wife, a yarn addict, a nerd with a weird/crass/dark sense of humor and I curse like damn a sailor because I’m passionate and need all the words I can get to express myself LOL.

So if you love yarn and are always looking for ways to express yourself with it, well you’re in the right place. Come join all of your fellow weirdos/misfits/classy ass people while we navigate through life and practice a little self care through yarn craft.

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Crochet Pattern
Love Yourself / Go Fuck Yourself - Mood Swing Pillow

This pillow is meant to help you express yourself on the days that you feel inspired and want to spread love and positivity and then again on the days when you just need everyone to fuck off and leave you alone. All it takes is a quick spin with this reversible pillow!

Because both of those are perfectly valid states of mind friend. 

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