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8 Unique Crochet Projects to Make for Yourself

These 8 unique crochet patterns are designed to help you deck out your corner of the  couch with all of your #MyCrochetShit and lay claim to your happy place!



Which pattern will you stitch first?

Leave me a comment and let me know which one you’re most excited to get started on!


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These crochet patterns are designed for you my friend, the crocheter, to add some life and personality to your crochet space 🙂
How awesome would it be to deck out your corner of the couch with all of your coordinating awesomeness…..Maybe enjoy sitting down at the end of the day, with your glass of wine and some yarn, just that much more? Can you picture it?

There are 8 separate patterns in #MyCrochetShit series. Which includes the;

-Fuck Off, I’m Crocheting Lapghan

-Crochet Shit Project Bag

-Polka Pouch Hook and Notions Holder (Coordinates with Project Bag)

-Stitch Bitch Wall Hanging

-Calm/Crazy AF (which is also a part of the Mood Swing Series)

-I Heart Balls Basket Set

-Puff Stand Tablet and Phone Holder

-3Cs Mug Rug (Crochet, Coffee and Curse Words)

Yarn Used –

To view more info on each pattern look here.

*These are affiliate links, if you purchase using these links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. But I promise I wouldn’t recommend it if I hated it, that would be shitty and I prefer not to be shitty to people <3

When and where can you get them?

These patterns will be available to the public beginning June 11th, 2021! Be sure to sign up and get an email when they’re live (along with some awesome free printables which you can preview below.) You can also just bookmark this page and check back!

They will be available individually or as an entire bundle for just $28.97. That’s just $3.62 per pattern!!

You can also shop on Ravelry! Just add all 8 patterns if you want the bundle and the cart will automatically update! 

Preview all the #MyCrochetShit Patterns Below:

Or just get the whole bundle right here!

Fuck Off, I'm Crocheting Lapghan

This lapghan is meant say what you mean but save your breath! Let everyone know exactly how you feel without saying a word 😉

Puff Stand - Device Stand

Stand your phone or tablet up in style while you read your pattern in comfort! No strained necks and how amazing does the puff stitch look as a ledge to hold the device in place?!

I Heart Balls Basket Set

I heart balls,  you heart balls…let’s make some baskets! 

Set of 3: 4″, 6″ & 10″

Well I couldn’t very well be expected to  create a roundup of awesome bag crochet patterns and not include my *ahem* favorite bag of course. It’s my very own Crochet Sh*t Tote, part of the series designed specifically for crocheters to stitch up for themselves!

Pattern by: Classy Lady Yarnworks

Crazy/Calm AF - Reversible Pillow

Because when you’re in your crochet spot you’re calm, but out of it? Well not so much.

This pattern also part of the Mood Swing Series!

Stitch Bitch - Wall Hanging

A wall hanging to tell the world exactly who you are 🙂

3Cs Mug Rug

Save your table and smile while you do it 🙂

The perfect spot to set down your coffee or wine and there’s even room for a snack 🙂

Polka Pouch - Hook Case

Designed to coordinate with the Crochet Shit project bag, this polka dotted hook pouch is perfect for notions and hooks alike!

Entire Bundle

Get all 8 patterns for just $3.62 each!!

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Free Crochet Pattern – Plant Purgatory Wall Hanging

Let’s face it, just because you love plants, doesn’t automatically mean you have the greenest thumb on the planet…If you or someone you know keeps buying plants just to watch them slowly die on a shelf (like me…) then this wall hanging is the perfect in-good-humor free crochet pattern to stitch up 😀

Read More »
All Classy Lady Yarnworks patterns are ©2020 by Stephanie Wallick (Wallick Family Enterprises, Inc) and are for your personal use only. You may sell items you personally make by hand from these patterns. Feel free to tag @classyladyyarnworks, share the link to the appropriate post when posting about the item you made or use the social sharing links to share on social media. You may not redistribute this copyrighted content to any website or internet discussion group. Thank you for supporting indie artisans!
Fellow crochet bloggers are welcome to use one photo in roundup/collaboration posts, so long as you provide a link back to the associated blog post. This does not apply to any guest posts, you will need to contact the guest blogger directly. Please let me know when your roundup/collaboration post is live so I can share it on my own social media! Thanks

Sharing is caring!

10 free art printables that only the classiest of yarn addicts will appreciate!
Sign up and get yours below!

Collage of images that represent free printable art perfect for crass people who also love crochet. There are 10 unique designs and most include expletives.

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Complete the set!

Get them all for $3.62 per pattern!!

Your crochet corner is your happy place, shouldn’t it bring you as much joy as possible? :)

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