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How to Cross Stitch on Crochet – The Best Way

There are lots of tutorials out there on how to cross stitch on crochet. But I didn’t love the method for using a plain single crochet.

Have you ever tried to cross stitch on your crochet piece?

I always found the traditional method kind of hard to get perfect and end up with straight clean columns and rows.

So when I wanted to design a cross stitch / crochet hybrid pattern, I knew I was going to have to get creative.

Enter the single crochet cluster stitch pattern, well…at least one variation anyway.

This stitch pattern creates a beautiful little grid that reminds me a lot of the canvas you get for cross stitching into. 

So check out the video tutorial below and let me know if you like this or the traditional method best!


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What's to love about the cross stitching on a single crochet cluster panel?

I love this stitch for multiple reasons…

  • It’s a very easy stitch pattern to learn.
  • The fabric created is very nice with a nice texture that could stand alone if you wanted.
  • The little gaps created by working this stitch pattern are just absolutely perfect for cross stitching into!


In just about 8 minutes, you will be on your way to significantly improving your crochet life! Just grab a hook and some yarn and watch the video tutorial below!

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If you do not see a playable, embedded video below, you can click the button to go directly to the YouTube video!

Use Single Crochet Cluster to create the perfect fabric to cross stitch into

If video isn’t your thing, you can follow these steps.

Work a beginning chain in a multiple of 2 

Row 1: sc into 2nd ch from hook, *(ch1, sk1,sc) repeat from * to end

Row 2+: ch1, sc into 1st st, ch1, sc2tog by inserting hook into next 2 ch sp, ch1, *(sc2tog by inserting hook into the same ch sp as the 2nd leg of the previous stitch and the next ch sp, ch1) repeat from * to last st, sc

Got questions? Just drop me a comment and I’ll be happy to help!

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Collage of images that represent free printable art perfect for crass people who also love crochet. There are 10 unique designs and most include expletives.

2 thoughts on “How to Cross Stitch on Crochet – The Best Way”

  1. Steph, just watched cross stitch video am going to try once my hand will cooperate. Earlier
    this week I managed to break my arm, so crocheting is not real easy, neither is leaving this comment, trying to do some left handed. That’s a tail for another day.

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